Getting started with ownCloud web app

1. Navigate to

2. You will then be required to key in your username and password and then click on Log In.

Login Page


3. Once you have logged in the main interface opens.

Home Page

From this main interface window you can perform the tasks below:

a. Creating new files and folders

Click on the new button which opens a menu with two options: create a new Text file or a new Folder.

 Create File/Folder

b. Uploading files

Click on the arrow. You can hover over it to see how large the upload may be e.g. the default value is: max upload of 512MB.

 Upload Files


c. Renaming, downloading, sharing and deleting files

You may want to change a file's settings. Hovering over a file will allow you to Rename, Download, revert to older Versions, Share or Delete the file (marked by the X).

You can then click on the text to select the action you wish to perform.

 File Actions hover



In order to share a file or folder with other people click on the Share icon.

To share a file or folder with members of your team who also have a vault account, you can key in the name of the user account as shown in the image below.

Share File - Team Members

To share a file or folder with anyone else, select the check box which is labeled as Share link, copy the link and then send an email to the supposed target person you wish to share the file with. It is also recommended that you select Password protect and enter a password to control access to the shared file or folder.

 Share Link


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