Setting up an IVR

1. Navigate to PBX -> Autoattendant


2. Click Add to setup a new IVR Scenario


3. The next screen will contain the IVR configuration options

 a. Scenario name: Give the IVR a relevant name

Welcome Greeting: This is the pre-recorded that will be played to your callers. It is mostly a recording of your IVR script that will guide the users on which option to dial to direct their call to the relevant destination. To upload/ record a greeting, click the Greetings button.


b. You will be able to upload/ record a greeting on the next page.


To upload a greeting, click the Upload button. A dialog box will open for you to browse and upload an audio file stored locally on your computer.

To record a greeting, give the recording a relevant name and click the microphone button. Use to the stop button to stop the recording one you finish talking.


Click the Upload button (between the record and delete buttons) to upload the recorded message.

Click the back button to return to the IVR settings page.


c. Use the drop-down menu to select the greeting uploaded earlier.

d. Extension numbers dialing: Enable this setting if you would like your callers to dial extension numbers of specific users directly from the IVR.

e. Non activity timeout: This is the duration that the caller has to dial an IVR choice. If this period is exceeded, the IVR greeting will be replayed. You can leave this at its default value.

f. Menu numbers: These are the IVR dial options. Click Add menu number.


Menu Actions: This is the action that will be executed when the user selects a particular option.

Menu: This is the numeric option e.g Press 1 to…

Action: This directs the call to the relevant destination e.g External Number: will forward the call to an external number such as a mobile number, Hunt Group – will direct the call to a ring group, User – will direct the call to a specific user. Choose the action relevant to your IVR design.

Action details: This is specific to the action selected above. For external number, you specify the phone number and the music played to the user as the call is forwarded.  For Hunt Group, you specify the ring group that the call is directed to.

To add more dial options, click Add menu number and repeat the procedure above.

g. On invalid input: This defines what will happen when the entered number does not match any of the menu numbers. Play – select a greeting that will be played to the caller on invalid input. Repeat last scenario – the number of times the IVR greeting will be replayed to the caller on invalid input. Specify the options suited to you or leave both as default.

h. Ending action: This defines what will happen at the end of a call before the caller hangs up. Play -  select a greeting that will be played to the caller at the end of the call. The next setting has two options: Disconnect – this terminates the call, Dial input – this executes the action of the menu number specified.

4. Click Save when you finish configuring the new IVR.

5. Add the IVR to the PBX Dialing plan 

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