Getting started with Angani Online Backup

Log in to the backup client

When you install and launch the Angani online backup client, you need to enter user credentials (email and password) that were specified by the registration email you received from Angani.

online backup 1

 This will lead you to the home page where you can now start taking your backups 

Configuring the first backup plan

1.      You need to click on "Files" button or on "Setup Backup plan" link to start the backup plan setup.


2.      Select a backup account you're going to use. You can choose from online backup account or local backup - File System option. Click "Next".

online backup 3

3.      Enter a name for your backup plan and click "Next" button.

online backup 4

4.      Then you'll have to specify whether you want to use Block Level Backup option and/or Volume Shadow Copy Service. Click "Next" button to proceed.

online backup 5

5.      On this step you have to specify data to backup. You can choose whether to backup the whole disc or some specific folders. After making a selection click "Next".

online backup 6

6.      Here you can specify file types to backup or to skip.

 online backup 7

7.       Setup compression and encryption options.

NOTE: If you set up encryption and forget your password. We will not be able to retrieve the data for you. Your backup data will not be usable

online backup 8

8.      Specify purge options for backup files.

online backup 9

9.      Specify schedule options for your backup plan.
online backup 10

10. Specify full backup schedule options (available for Block-level backup only).
11. Specify pre- and post-backup action options 
12. Specify notification options.

online backup 11

13. Review created backup plan settings.

14. The backup plan is ready. You can run it from the Backup Wizard or from "Backup Plans" tab.

online backup 12


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