Setting up Cloudberry Explorer

1. Download and install Cloudberry Explorer from

2. Once the installation is complete, you will be presented with the dialog box below.

cloudberry1 Select Freeware edition and click Next.

3. Click Finish


4. Double click S3 Compatible

cloudberry35. Fill in the form with relevant details:

  • Display name: Give the account a display name
  • Service point:
  • Access key and Secret key: Fill in the values shared to you during provisioning
  • Use SSL: ensure that this is checked
  • Leave the others as default and click OK

6. The new account will be displayed in this dialog. Click Close.


7. To view files in your account, select the account name from the Source drop down menu

8. Double click on the bucket to view files, in this example the bucket name is cynthia

9. The files contained in the bucket will now be listed. The folder with the prefix CBB* contains the files uploaded during the scheduled backups.

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